July 2019

A call for diversity and inclusion:
Examining fashion experiences
of minority women

This study delves into the realm of fashion diversity, focusing on the experiences of under-represented minority women in the indu...
August 2021

Accumulating capital through social media: The transformative power of underrepresented fashion consumers

Previous research in sociology, psychology and fashion studies has investigated the concept of diversity in the fashio...
December 2022

Ethnic and Intra-cultural

The insightful chapter titled “White Gaze in Fashion Markets” in the recently released Handbook of Research on Ethn...
February 2021

Extending the diversity conversation: Fashion consumption experiences of underrepresented and underserved women

This research brings in the voice of underserved and underrepresented women of various racial or ethnic origins and social clas...
December 2017

Health commodified, health communified: navigating digital consumptionscapes of well-being

Historically, research on perceptions of health either converged upon the meanings created and proposed by special...
July 2019

Self-Presentation Patterns and Fashion Consumption Behavior: New Insights for Social Media Marketing

The research employs factor analysis, followed by a MANOVA procedure to explore relationships between fashion consump...
October 2020

Implications of Underrepresentation
for Female Fashion Consumers

In a fashion scene dominated by Western looks, the idea of ideal beauty became more substantial for minority women...
August 2021

Social Credibility: Trust Formation in
Social Commerce

Trust formation in informal social commerce, also considered lateral exchange markets (LEMs) on social media platforms, has ...
December 2016

The Impact of Ethical Concerns on
Fashion Consumerism: A Review

Ethical and sustainable business practices have become some of the most significant concerns in the highly globalized fashio...
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