Extending the diversity conversation: Fashion consumption experiences of underrepresented and underserved women


This research brings in the voice of underserved and underrepresented women of various racial or ethnic origins and social classes, who have differing buying powers, sexual orientations, body shapes, and physical appearances, into the conversation of fashion diversity. Through a qualitative inquiry with 38 semi-structured in-depth interviews, the researchers analyzed the con- sumption experiences of diverse women to expose what the fashion scene is lacking. The study’s main contribu- tion is the depiction of overlooked diversity categories in fashion, such as the non-White and non-Black women of color, women of average sizes, and women with characteristics that the fashion industry has long seen as flaws. For women’s physical and psychological well-being, the authors of this study hope to lead fash- ion producers and researchers into a new era of diver- sity and minimize certain consumer groups’ exclusion through discrimination, isolation, and segregation.





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