A call for diversity and inclusion: Examining fashion experiences of minority women


This study delves into the realm of fashion diversity, focusing on the experiences of under-represented minority women in the industry. Despite recent strides in acknowledging diversity on global runways, the Fashion Spot’s (2017) report exposed persistent gaps, indicating that genuine inclusivity remains a challenge. While 27.9% of models were women of color, plus-size, older, transgender, and non-binary models constituted only 2.2%, 3.0%, and 1.3%, respectively. This research aims to provide a nuanced understanding of the fashion consumption experiences of minority women, exploring the intersectionality of factors influencing their engagement. Building on prior research linking underrepresentation to women’s self-worth, this study broadens the discourse to include diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds, spanning different age groups, socioeconomic classes, and physical abilities. By addressing gaps in existing literature, we seek to capture a comprehensive view of fashion diversity and investigate disparities in perceptions between fashion producers and consumers regarding its meaning and impact.





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